On the Move? Review Our Checklists Below

Moving is a challenging process that comes with plenty of different responsibilities. Make certain you get everything handled by reviewing the checklists we've compiled. We've done our best to answer the questions we hear most often from tenants.

If after reading through the information below you still have questions, give us a call: (770) ­648­-2541

Move-in Checklist

We're excited to welcome you to the Magnetic Property Management family. Please read through the details below to get started.

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first month's rent and security deposit must both be paid at your lease signing. Please check the amounts with us in advance.

Move-in Date & Inspection

We will set your move-in date and provide any necessary inspection information at the lease signing.


Utility accounts for your rental property must be placed in your name immediately after taking occupancy. Do this quickly to avoid any outages or administrative fees associated with restoring access in the property.

Move-out Checklist

As you prepare to make a move, take care of the following important matters to end your tenancy.

Notice of Intent to Vacate

You'll need to provide us with notice of intent to vacate before leaving your property. Check your lease to determine your legal move-out date.

Property Condition

Your home needs to be in the proper condition before you return the keys:

  • Rental Cleaning: Your rental unit needs to be cleaned before you leave. Remove all of your belongings and deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If you have outdoor space where you normally take care of maintenance chores (landscaping, etc.), please address these chores once more before moving out.
  • Repairs: All cosmetic damage, such as holes left by nails and screws, burnt light bulbs, and broken glass, should be repaired before you move out.

Security Deposit

After you vacate your rental, we will perform a final inspection to check for damage. If we identify any problems, we will schedule repairs and deduct all expenses for the repairs from your deposit.

The remainder will be returned to you as quickly as possible.